Weekly Wrap-up #96

Hi everyone,

This week was mostly focused on a few minor bug fixes and an overhaul of the inventory/vendor system. Below are some key points on what was changed this week and at the bottom is a full article on the changes for inventory/vendors.

  • The objective for finding the Mage was sending players to the incorrect location (East instead of West). The conversation with Archer was correct however.
  • The pond near the bandit initial meeting spot did not have any collision assigned so you could walk on water!
  • Minor map corrections.
  • Finally! I’ve been getting reports on this one for a while and even saw it myself a couple times but never really observed how it happened.┬áThe MP cost when casting spells upon yourself was not┬ábeing assigned correctly and was actually duplicated in that case costing twice the amount (40 MP heal instead of 20 when cast upon themselves).
  • Added new filtering to the character equipment window to allow players to hide/show equipment for the current character or everyone.
  • Added a new “junk bag” to let players toss things into it they no longer want so they can sell off later. This is to reduce clutter in their main inventory space. Items placed into the junk bag can be restored at any time. When visiting vendors, the bag is provided separate to let you choose what to sell then or not.
  • Made some updates to the vendor windows to allow for the above junk system along with some minor improvements with usability and an addition of a “buy back” section for accidental sales. See more in the article below.


Inventory/Vendor Updates

Updated Inventory and Vendors
Updated status messages

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