Weekly Wrap-up #92

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately the “day job” used up all my available time this past week and I wasn’t able to get much done with the game. Mostly now though I’m doing testing and only minor changes while getting ready for the release. I have a date in mind, but I’m waiting to see how much longer the remaining sound effects will take before making anything official.

I did do a few things this week, but nothing major:

  • Updated tool tips to behave slightly better when being clicked on and less chances of them to overlap the button that was used to open them. Also if you have it open for details windows and you select another item from the list, the window will now update with the recent selected item.
  • Added a “quit” button to the main menu for desktop.

Here’s a few things I’d like to get done before the release also:

  • Introductory scene: I want to make a short cut-scene showing how our little Knight actually became a “knight” prior to starting the adventure. I have some idea’s written down and should hopefully start on this in the upcoming week.
  • Give all my characters actual names! Yeah, I really should have done this sooner.
  • Revisit most of the dialog/story in the game to cleanup and expand a bit more. I know the beginning of it is pretty weak, but I think it gets better once we reach the caves so I’ll probably focus more in the first half of the game.
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