Weekly Wrap-up #91

Hi everyone,

There aren’t a lot of changes this week as I spent most of my time looking into distribution options for when release time finally arrives. You can read all about it here if you’re interested. I’m also looking into¬†options for distribution on iOS/OSX machines and will hopefully have something soon.

There were a few changes I made this week thanks to some feedback from testers:

  • Added some new spell sounds
  • When an objective in the adventure log is¬†completed, the icon will now turn blue to indicate one has been completed.
  • Made the arrow keys a “constant” input for desktop. You can still reconfigure WSAD as desired.
  • Removed filtering on the orb slot/craft dialog’s as they really didn’t provide a lot of benefit and quite often resulted in confusion due to bad filtering. May revisit later.
Java Game Distribution Options
Weekly Wrap-up #92

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