Weekly Wrap-up #90

Hi everyone,

This week was mostly focused on some “spit & polish” changes since there weren’t a lot of bug found during testing this week. I’ve also release another build to testers to include all the recent sound/performance changes along with these changes too:

  • Created new level 9 weapons that contain a double strike effect.
  • Created new level 8 equipment.
  • Adjusted prices for all weapons/equipment.
  • Vendor/Forest/Cave had their chest drops adjusted to use new weapons/equipment.
  • I decided that 9 Orb slots was too many and have reduced it to four (level 1, 10, 25 and 40)
  • Updated equipment window¬†better show you equipment you’re not high enough level for yet.
  • Additional performance improvements to mini map for texture swapping.
  • Received my final two pieces of Music from Chris Wickham¬†for the boss fight and intro screen and integrated them into the game. Chris has done amazing work with all the music of this game and I’m looking forward to working with him again soon!
  • Adjusted the HP of the bosses up a bit higher since they were feeling too low for level 8-10.
  • Adjusted the levels of monsters in the Cave to a higher level to increase challenge.
  • Added foot step zones (dirt, wood, grass etc) to all existing maps.
  • Added Credits window to main page for players to see those that have helped out.
  • Made some adjustments to monster spawns to allow for better placement within more complex maps like the caves.
Weekly Wrap-up #89
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