Weekly Wrap-up #89

Hi everyone,

Not a lot to report on this week as most of my time was spent creating the new ambiance sound system for the entire game. I wrote a little article all about it here if you’d like to read more on it.

Here’s the very short list of things I wrapped up this week 🙂

  • Implemented the majority of the new ambiance sound system. Additional testing will be needed once the ambiance sounds start coming in from my sound guy.
  • Last week’s effort to reduce texture swapping in the maps was a big gain, so this week I took it a little further and started making larger single textures for maps and reducing the required number of map layers in each map. This appears to have improved performance a bit more, but has mostly gained in map load time needed for lower end devices.
  • Updated weapons to be assigned specific types instead of general (ie: two-handed got separated into great-axe, great-sword)
Ambiance Sounds
Weekly Wrap-up #90

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