Weekly Wrap-up #83

Hey everyone,

Another fun filled week of polishing for Mischieviots! I received my first batch of sound effects this week and started working them into the game and also did a few minor updates that I think were a great benefit overall. I also made our very first trailer this week too, more below!

Here’s the list of things I worked on this week:

  • Added sacrificial lamb back to Earth Mage’s spell book; available at level 12!
  • Played around a bit more with screen resolutions after realizing I wasn’t doing a proper 16:9 ratio and decided I’d be better off supporting it. This resulted in a few minor changes in the code for some dialog’s since the vertical space was slightly reduced.
  • Added day/night cycle to game. Read more in this article: Day/Night Cycle
  • Started adding in some of the new sound effects provided.
  • Changed how character combat animations are provided. Previously a single attack only had one type of animation assigned to it (ie: chop, thrust, slash etc). Now, when the character goes to attack, the game randomly chooses from a list of available animations to show. This allows a much better variation during combat. See video below!


It’s been a while since I’ve made a video, so this week I set aside some time to make my first attempt at creating a trailer for Mischieviots. I’d like to think it’s pretty entertaining, so let me know what you think!

Mischieviots First Trailer
Mischieviots First Trailer

Here’s another video showing off some of the new sound effects along with the updated combat animation changes.

New attack sound effects and animation combinations
New attack sound effects and animation combinations
New sound effects and combat animating
Weekly Wrap-up #84

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