Weekly Wrap-up #74

With another great week wrapped up, I’m getting very close to getting the new cave finished!

Pretty much everything in the cave maps have been completed now and a bunch more updates and bug fixes found while working with the new content. I’ve also started working the final boss AI and trying to make it an interesting/fun engagement; more on this later!

Here’s the list of code changes this week, along with a peek at the room with the final boss!

  • [UPDATE] I slightly increased the speed of the progressive conversation text display.
  • [UPDATE] Removed the confirmation of sale popup since it just felt weird and obstructive.
  • [UPDATE] Made some visual changes in the load/save dialog to show the user all available slots (empty of or used) to show them what is available. It is now sorted with newest always on top, so should you save over an existing slot, or use an empty, the newest will be placed on top. Also found another minor bug with overwriting save files.
  • [UPDATE] Added “randomCount” to EffectValue to simulate “dice rolls” for damage/etc.
  • [UPDATE] Additional changes to improve object allocations during combat.
  • [UPDATE] Updated captions so they can display combat messages (monsters only).
  • [BUG] When adding/removing equipment, the list items were not being properly updated causing weird post-behaviour unless you closed & reopened the window.
  • [BUG] When assigning orbs, you were able to assign the same orb to multiple characters despite already in use. Same problem was found with scrolls also.
  • [BUG] When selling equipment, the items that were still equipped we’re being listed as available for selling. This would result in you being able to “sell” the same item multiple times and never reduce the actual inventory count. (unlimited money!)
  • [BUG] Combat experience level increase details window was incorrectly opening for characters that did not actually have a level increase.
  • [BUG] When using spells outside of combat, if you selected members not in the “Active” party, spells such as heal/restore/cure poison did not apply to that member.
  • [BUG] Fixed a couple of minor issues with mobile devices and list items in equipment and orbs UI.
  • [BUG] Using SELECT (“F”) to fast-advance conversations was not working correctly.
  • [BUG] Flurry of Arrows special was not correctly tracking the number of attacks.
  • [BUG] Spells that had multiple effects assigned to them (using delay) were not being properly assigned to their targets should that original spell be reacted to causing to to change targets (monster is confused, tries to cast a spell, but casts it onto another monster instead). This was a really tricky one to figure out, but the resolution was kind of slick in the end at least.
  • [BUG] Removing effects (from another effect) was not properly matching them by descriptor.
    • Not a bug, but was in the same area: Made effect “remove” also remove any trigger effects.
  • [BUG] Fixed removal of effects during death/combat closure as they were not being properly removed when requested.
  • [BUG] Added a check to attempt to keep combatants from taking their actions after being disabled. Most of the time it is captured, but this additional check is for that time when they’ve chosen the action, but not yet taken it and are then disabled.

Look at the amazing loot! Let’s grab it!
 Dark Caves - Gold!

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