Weekly Wrap-up #73

This week was mostly consumed with additional work on the new “Dark Caves” area. It’s really close to complete, so I’ve included a couple of screen shots showing some of the new maps below.

In conjunction with all that work, I’ve also been making updates/fixes as needed/discovered. Here’s a short list of the code/configuration changes I’ve also made this week:

  • [NEW] Added the following new monsters to the second cave area:
    • Skeleton Minion’s
    • Skeleton King
    • Zombie’s
    • Vampire Lord
    • Vampiress
  • [WEBSITE] At some point my gallery plug-in decided to start horribly thrashing the website. Not really game related, but figured I’d mention it since the removal of that plug-in significantly improved the performance of the site!
  • [UPDATE] Minor changes to Skeleton animations to smooth them out a bit better.
  • [UPDATE] Found two places where memory allocation could be greatly improved during combat.
  • [UPDATE] When swapping party members, if the character had an on-going effect on them (such as poison), that effect was properly paused, but the animation for it was not properly removed.
  • [BUG] Found a minor bug in the conversation window with the “click to advance”. Under certain rare cases, clicking on the window to speed up the conversation would cause it to lockup instead.
  • [BUG] Here’s a fun one. It seems changing members of the  party sometimes caused the experience window to crash due to incorrect party member validation.
  • [BUG] Under certain conditions, a descriptor based effect (such as resistance to fire) would be applied incorrectly causing unexpected final results in the combat damage numbers.
  • [BUG] When dragging the navigation I originally made the buttons not “clickable” when dragging with them selected giving users a larger area to drag with. However, this caused smaller devices problems because you could not click the buttons without activating a drag at the same time making them almost impossible to actually click on. I’ve removed the original code and you can now properly click on the buttons, however, when attempting to drag when clicked, it will now open up whatever is clicked on. You can still easily drag the navigation by grabbing any outer edge of the tool bar.
  • [BUG] When displaying the total playing time, the time shows both hours and minutes, but the minutes included the hour also! oops. All fixed up now.

Screen Shots

Here’s a quick peek at the new “Dark Caves” area. I’ll be making a full post later on it once it’s wrapped up a bit more!

Dark Caves  - Looking around Dark Caves - It's a trap!

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