Weekly Wrap-up #72

This week my major focus was on building an entirely new map area “Dark Caves” for players to explore. This is very much still a work in progress so I’ll hold off on showing parts off until a bit later.

In the meantime though, here’s a bunch of things I’ve also worked on:

  • [NEW] Added new monsters to the balancing sheets and placed in game:
    • Spiders (large and small, each with their own special attack)
    • Slimes (7 variations each with their own special attack)
    • Bats (with special attack)
  • [BUG] When introducing shading and lighting to the adventure map it was interfering with the shading used for the mini-map. Problem was being caused by the two shader’s using the same texture index. Separating the two resolved the problem!
  • [BUG] When I had multiple collisions defined on separate layers, the overlap sometimes caused one of them to be canceled out.
  • [BUG] When saving a previously loaded game into a new slot, it was updating both slots with the new save data.
  • [BUG] Imported monster packs were not being combined properly causing them to be ignored.
  • [BUG] Certain recurring effects (such as poison) were not being properly cleaned up upon each tick, death of original applicator and completion of effect. On rare occasions this would cause combat to “lock up” or crash entirely. I believe I’ve resolved the problem though and will continue to test for additional similar problems.
  • [UPDATE] Originally decision tree’s could only return one action at a time. This works for combat since a combatant should only ever take one at a time, however, when working within adventure maps, it was found that it would be handy to allow for those tree’s to allow for multiple actions to be executed from the tree (allowing for multiple tasks to be updated in the same tree)
  • [UPDATE] Added a new tree definition to maps for handling conversations specifically. This is intended to be used for activating a conversation that is not connected to any particular NPC.
  • [UPDATE] Revisited (again) the hit/miss algorithm. It was becoming arbitrary and overly complex with little to no benefit. Created a much cleaner version which appears to be more consistent against monster balancing stat’s.
  • [UPDATE] Made some adjustments to the xp charts to make them work a bit better. Will likely revisit these again soon.
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