Weekly Wrap-up #67

Hi everyone,

This week I spent the majority of my time improving the UI and connecting up for keyboard and controller support. There is a lot of work here and sadly still not finished. I also found and fixed a couple of minor bugs.

The biggest thing this week though is that I’m celebrating my second year of development of Mischieviots this month! I made a reflective post about all the work I’ve accomplished this week. It’s pretty long, so get comfy before reading 🙂

Read all about my second year of development

Here’s a quick list of what I wrapped up this week:

  • [UPDATE] With the recent changes in the combat turns, some adjustments to the current monsters was needed in order to stay within the desired 1-2 minute range of forest battles.
  • [BUG] Found an issue when make changes in the options caused your safe data to become corrupted! All fixed now though.
  • [BUG] Found and fixed a couple of minor UI problems when using spells outside of combat.
  • [NEW] Added fade in/out of background music when changing between maps and combat to improve transition between compositions making them less abrupt.
  • [NEW] Added tooltips to the equipment window to better display the details of equipment.

Screen Shots

Showing off the new tooltip window for equipment details:

New Tooltips for equipment details

Wrapping Up Year #2 !
Weekly Wrap-up #68

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