Weekly Wrap-up #66

As I work my way toward a beta release, I’ve spent another week doing some polishing and minor bug fixes. I’ve also started working on support for keyboard-only and game controllers which will continue on and off over the next couple weeks likely.

The major changes have been done this week:

  • [NEW] Updated one of the town buildings to use the new “roof coming off” view when entering the building. This concept will likely be used for most simple town buildings going forward.
  • [NEW] I decided to make the low level “Revive” spell a bit more interesting by applying a “penalty” effect. This gets applied to your ally upon being first revived. Right now it gives them a 99% HP loss, best to use carefully and hope to get a better spell soon !
  • [NEW] Started on the process of adding in support for full keyboard and controllers. Currently the majority of UI interaction uses the mouse (or touch on a device). The additional keyboard and controller support are aimed for desktop users.
  • [UPDATE] Updated the town buildings with some new artwork (See pic’s below)
  • [UPDATE] Made some minor adjustments to device resolutions (again) to try out some new configurations for them.
  • [UPDATE] Made some minor memory improvements to the storage save/load/sync dialogs.
  • [UPDATE] Updated screen transition fade in/out to use less memory in certain conditions.
  • [BUG] Fixed a minor bug in collision detection when using objects to define barriers instead of specific tiles.
  • [BUG] Improved screen flicker during certain transitions.
  • [BUG] Made it so players can no longer move once they reach an auto-opening chest (some chests require you to click on them, once that happens the player is stopped only then).

Fun Stuff

Before/After screen shots of the town buildings

Town: Before/After

Here is a quick GIF showing the new roof opening feature:

Town: Opening Roof

Another quick GIF showing off the new Revive spell animation:

Updated Revive

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