Weekly Wrap-up #58

Hi everyone.

This week was again mostly focused on doing work on the tutorial/demo adventure. More changes were made with NPC interactions and map-driven events. In total it now reaches to about 45 minutes of game-play if you go directly to each event location; much more if you wander around the forest.

Next week I’m planning on adding some fine tuning to the conversation windows and starting on one more customization feature for allowing players to customize “spell books” for each character using scrolls found within the game. I’m also considering allowing higher level casters to create scrolls also (using the same crafting xp system) of lower level spells to give to other characters. More on this as it evolves!

Here’s a quick list of what was done this week:

  • Updated to LibGDX 1.9.2
  • Apparently, at some point, I broke running away from combat. Poor little guys would run off the screen and never stop! (thus making combat stay open). All fixed now though 🙂
  • Added quick-pick list for creature ID’s in designer to make it easier to keep track of them since they’re not being loaded into the designer directly.
  • Added “ignore collision” for NPC paths. This way, should we want/need to, we can tell an NPC path building to ignore collision barriers when using the A* algorithm.
  • Added left/right alignment of character captions on the maps.
  • Added decision when completed triggers to caption.
  • Updated the event management system to make some memory improvements and easier to access within additional game components.
  • -Numerous changes to the entire game to support the new tutorial adventure. Most in the area of NPC interactions and bug fixes during the process of building the adventure.

Fun Stuff

I made up this quick GIF to show our little Dwarf running around begging for help. This is being driven by the event/decision tree within the forest map. Seems to have worked out quite well in the end.

Dwarf Needs Help!

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