Weekly Wrap-up #57

Hello again everyone,

This week has been pretty fun as I’ve been working through a lot of the NPC interactions and getting them all setup within the game. There have been a few small issues, but were resolved pretty quickly along the way.

Here’s a quick list of what was updated this week:

  • Refactored some code in the movement area. There seemed to be multiples of the same calculations repeated; likely due to previous refactoring of code. Everything now seems to be cleaner now. It might have created some minor gain in performance as a result.
  • Additional reorganization of the adventure/decision tree configurations to (again) better support the multiple adventure structure wanted.
  • Added face direction upon loading into entry points within a map (yeah, didn’t have that one, go figure)
  • Added remove from map to NPC event action update.
  • Added face direction to player event action update to allow us to change their facing direction through events on the map.
  • Updated NPC path when camera is centered to reduce some flickering.
  • Fixed a crashing problem when attempting to use color markers in text when editing in designer.
  • Updated the adventure configuration to allow us to configure what characters each adventure will allow the player to choose from. This allows us to create adventures with any number of available characters from the start (or none)

Fun Stuff !

Not a lot to show off this week, but here’s a screen shot of the secret cave that is hiding within the forest.

Secret Cave

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