Weekly Wrap-up #55

Hi everyone, another productive week wrapped up again.

I spent the majority of my time introducing new map artwork. After comparing the vector combat maps against the pixel adventure maps I realized they really weren’t going to match well. Originally I was hoping they would, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

I’ve now updated both maps to use a different artwork base which seems to work well with the characters still. I’m hoping this will work out for the best.

  • Made a minor bug fix to the Priority node in the decision tree’s for when it gets called multiple times.
  • Updated the event checking for decision tree’s to allow us to have “core” events (non-custom events) that are sent from the game engine itself. For now we only have the one for allowing the tree’s to check if the player is near an NPC or not.
  • Updated collision detection to use map objects are barriers as well as the previous collision tile markers. This allows me to create the sometimes-needed oddly shaped barriers.
  • Continued to adjust resolution handling with the new artwork.

Fun Stuff !

Here’s some screen shots from the new artwork I’ve been working with:

Adventure Map
New adventure map

Combat Map
New combat map

Planting Flowers
Updated Town Map

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