Weekly Wrap-up #54

I’ve had a pretty productive week this week. I spent the majority of time adding up some polishing to various area’s and started working on a tutorial adventure to get ready for some soon to be coming beta testing !

Here’s a quick review of what was accomplished this week:

  • I noticed that at some point I screwed up the time between turns for monsters. They were using the same speed as the characters instead of their own causing them to always take their turns much sooner than they were supposed to. All fixed up!
  • Updated the encounter algorithm to maintain the “Danger Chance” across all maps. This helps create spawns on a more consistent basis when passing through smaller maps.
  • I decided to do another review on spell costs and did a bit of an overhaul on them along with the natural regen player characters will be having. I’ll have to play test them some more to see how it works out.
  • Finished up all the initial versions of our “elemental damage” spells. We’ll likely add/adjust as time moves on, but at least we have something now in place right up to level 50.
  • Somebody (not saying who on this currently solo project) seemed to have deleted what they thought was an unused UI element in the skin. Seems that element was used for the NPC dialogs! Go figure 🙂
  • Added support for additional collision layers so we can hide/show them within scripts (block entrances etc)
  • Added support for caching up to 4 previously loaded maps to help reduce load times for recently used maps.
  • When it is determined that someone’s target was “stolen” from them, their turn was being reset (correctly) and allowing them to choose another action right away. The new action however was being added back to the bottom of the execution list causing them to “lose” that turn anyway. I changed the “new action” to be immediately added to the top of the execution list allowing it to be the very next action executed as it should have been in the first place.
  • Removed diagonal movement when in the adventure map for player character. It not only looked odd for the sprite due to lack of diagonal animation, but was also causing a small screen flicker. Might revisit later if the desire to move in that direction is really wanted, but for now I’m content not having it there.
  • Fixed a screen flicker that started showing up once I started building larger maps. Seems this is a problem caused by the camera being adjusted with a value that has too many decimal places. Rounding it off by using the tile size (1/32) and back again seems to resolve the problem. Found that little trick somewhere on the web, but forget where now; sorry.
  • Fiddled, once again, with screen resolutions. The more I work with them, the more I think I’m getting closer to something I’ll be happy with !
  • Started working on a small “tutorial adventure” to demonstrate a lot of the current key features of the game. It’ll like be around 1-2 hours in length and hoping will take you up to about level 6-8 by the time you’re done.
  • Created/Expanded on the “forest” map to be much larger and contain several actionable points within it for the “tutorial adventure”.
  • Started working on the “home town” map this week also for the same tutorial adventure.
  • Reorganized assets to better separate test content from tutorial and future full adventures.
  • Updated the combat backgrounds to use static images instead of tiled maps. This might improve some of the drawing time on smaller devices, but also simplified the background creation process. We can’t use tile layers like before, but they weren’t being used anyway so I don’t think it’ll be too much of a loss there.

Fun Stuff !

I also managed to create a couple new maps for the tutorial adventure. Here they are!

Home Town


Weekly Wrap-up #53
Our game has a name!

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