Weekly Wrap-up #53

Hi everyone,

A few things wrapped up this week. I spent a lot of this week setting up a mini-adventure and doing some play-testing of it to see if everything fits the way I had hoped it would. So far things are going well and only needed to make a few adjustments along the way.

  • Fixed a bug in the loading of special attacks. When attempting to merge in parent configurations, the wrong array was being used and caused a crash. (copy/paste bug, go figure)
  • Added a new type to the damage value calculation to allow us to choose if we want to use the ability (say INT) of the target or the person doing the attack. This way we can now say “Reduce target INT by 5” or “Cause X damage in the amount of attackers INT”.
  • Started adding more useful damage spells into the game that are “balanced” (for now, will need to revisit as more things are added equipment wise etc). This was mostly done to get things into order to make things easier going forward.
  • Continued working on updating the spreadsheets, I believe for now most of the updates are done and things are balancing out quite well with the new changes with spells, weapons, equipment and orbs.
  • Reorganized the elemental spells in the interface to give them sub groups since there were getting to be more options for them.
  • Minor code clean up and bug fixes in several places during the week.
  • Fixed references to resources that were hard coded and placed them into central location.
  • After some play-testing it was observed that the auto-targeting for monsters was being a bit too heavy sided in choices. Made some adjustments there and it now feels a bit more evenly flowed.
  • Code changes to support new UI.
  • Artwork changes to support new UI


New UI – Round 2

New UI being tried out

New UI – Round 2
Weekly Wrap-up #54

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