Weekly Wrap-up #44

I’m back again for another weekly update for everyone.

Most of my tasks this week were pretty time consuming so unfortunately┬áthere aren’t a lot of notes to provide on them. I’ve been spending most of my time right now in the “cosmetic” area’s (sprites, animations etc) and will probably be doing so in the next few weeks. I’ll continue working on AI’s at the same time to go with each of the new monsters I’ll be making.

I’ve created a nice list of “basic” spells to introduce into the game, but am running short on creativity for some unique one’s. I’m thinking I should reach out to my kids and let them come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful things ­čÖé


  • Made some improvements to how effects are assigned to the combatants. Instead of using directly specified x,y coordinates, we are now instead placing tags on each Spriter animation that gives us the locations for the bodies themselves. This way we can more precisely assign a sprite to say their “eyes” despite the size and location on the creature since they define it themselves now.
  • Finally finished up adding in all the new spell animations. Should be lots of fun now tossing these around with the spells. Unfortunately this was very time consuming and used up most of my spare time this week; it was worth it though!
  • Started working on some new monster animations this week also.


  • Created a small tool that displays the animations for us in a window so we can visually see what each one looks like. This is helpful when creating spells etc in the configurations when we go to choose what animation(s) should be used with them.

Fun Stuff

This was one of my most favorite spell animations I included this week:

Shocking Experience

Introducing, Skeleton King:

Skeleton King Idle

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