Weekly Wrap-up #42

Another great week with loads of things polished up. I’m still working toward finishing up our first full blown AI (Skeleton Necromancer), but am also focusing a lot of time to ensure things work the way I had expected in both the designer and game itself.

With luck though, I  might have our friendly Necromancer out and playing with us shortly !

Game Updates

  • Created some new spells this week !
    • Reflect: Once cast upon yourself or an ally, any additional spells cast upon them will be reverted back to the attacker !
    • Bounce: Causes all spells cast by the party during the duration of this spell to bounce all your spells off an ally and onto your enemy instead !
    • Impending Doom: [Monsters Only] Placing this upon your enemy makes their time on this world limited. Counting down from 6 turns, notifying the player of only the last 3. Once the timer runs out, very bad things will happen.
    • Sacrificial Lamb: Choose a single ally and kill them instantly, then stealing their HP and MP and giving it to yourself !
  • Fixed several bugs with the sequence manager actions not being disposed of properly and sometimes causing the sequence manager to lock up and halt turns. I’ll continue to look out for more of these, but I believe this recent fix has resolved a lot of the “Weirdness” I was seeing in this area.
  • Fixed some minor bugs found when creating reflect/bounce spells in regards to handling catalyst reactions with multiple target options.
  • Noticed that the “delayed” and “recurring” damage numbers were not being displayed properly when the spell being used had the type of sequential vs simultaneous. Found a fix and appears to be working better now.
  • Fixed a bug causing all looping effect animations to be removed when one completed. This also caused (from time to time) some of the “locking up” problems we’ve been seeing due to improper early disposing of the effect animations.
  • Further improvements made to the spell selection window to reduce memory consumption when creating the list of spells.
  • Reorganized the spell menu’s a bit by adding in a 3rd level to let us separate different types of a given discipline. For example: Support now has Healing, Defensive and Offensive categories each with their related spells. Should make finding the spells you want  a bit easier although requires an extra menu level to choose from.

Designer Updates

  • Fixed display bug when displaying weights for overridden nodes. They were showing the wrong button for editing their weights. Should have only allowed editing of override weights, not originals.
  • Decided that having the save backups turned on by default was annoying. Too many files to delete all the time. Made it defaulted to off now instead.
  • Added comments to extractors since they can be a bit complicated and having a quick text description of their intent is handy.
  • Updated the extractor dialog’s slightly for better layouts.
  • Added cloning and convert to the override nodes dialog to allow those manipulations on the “root” of the override node.
  • Added “copy item” to import data packs and simulator packs.

Fun Stuff !

Here’s a little video showing off two of the new spells: Bounce/Reflect

Here’s another video showing off: “Sacrificial Lamb”

Decided I’d reorganize the spells a bit also. Figured these category should fit nicely 🙂

New Spell Categories

New Spell: Sacrificial Lamb
Weekly Wrap-up #43

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