Weekly Wrap-up #41

Another good week wrapped up. I spent more time this week working on the actual game itself instead of the designer; it was nice getting back to it.

Overall the changes this week were focused mostly on improvements to both the game and the designer as I continue to use the designer to create decision tree’s.

Game Updates

  • Since it’s been a while since I looked at them all, I went through all the currently created spells to ensure they are all working the way I had originally intended them. Only a few minor things fell out of sync since they were first made, so I fixed those up and everything seems to be working quite well with them.
  • Silly me. Seems I didn’t consider spells that don’t “hurt” you. So if you cast something like a healing spell, you’d still animate like you were being hurt. You can now optionally turn off the “hurt” animation for any given effect now 🙂
  • Spent some more time working with deceased characters on the screen. I believe I’ve improved it again this time though also. Characters can now die mid-screen during other actions now (on-going damage spells etc). Their bodies will now fall flat dead no matter where they are !
  • Since now bodies are dropping all over the place, when you go into targeting and the effect allows the use of deceased characters, then we extend the targeting dialog to allow you to choose them from there instead of from the screen itself. This is because it’ll be likely bodies will be overlapping each other. You can, of course, still target them by touching the screen should you choose to.
  • I added a new animation for when party members are raised from the dead. Previously they just kind of “stood up”, but now we have them showing an animation of pushing themselves back up and hopping back onto their feet. In addition, once they are back up, they will now run their way back to their “home” location and begin waiting for their next turn.
  • Updates of the sequence engine to provide better support for tracking of sequences and smooth our their execution paths making them more reliable.
  • Did extensive work around animations and how they’re handled by the creature sprite. These might have been the major cause of many of the (although rare) hang-ups being seen in the game.
  • Updated the weapon character mapping to allow for better alignment with their weapon types vs effect actions.
  • Updated the monster packs so that we can define specific group make-ups as well as the previous random gatherings.
  • Found some minor bugs in the decision tree when using adjusted weights and improved the logic behind the probability node.
  • Removed some non-required memory allocations from the decision tree. Probably won’t be noticed, but every bit helps.
  • Found some irritating bugs in the combat matching system that were simple to fix, but annoying to test 🙂

Designer Updates

  • Fixed several crashing bugs when attempting to create a new branch from scratch in an empty workspace.
  • Decided to allow the editing of ID’s. This is mostly for when we’re creating new data. It is highly recommended to not edit the ID’s of existing data since we do not update any references to them (due to also being used outside of the scope of the designer).
  • Added “copy item” to simulator tests so you can easily reuse previously made one’s without having to start from scratch each time.
  • Added comments to the attacks/effects in case you wanted to add something.
  • Added “save all” and “close all” buttons to the dialog. After going in 5-6 windows deep to change something, having to close them all out one by one was getting annoying 🙂

Fun Stuff !

Earlier this week I made this fun little GIF to show off the death/raise animations. Figured I’d share it again here today also.


Here is a screen shot showing a closer look at the new targeting extension added for selecting deceased party members:

Targeting Deceased Members

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