Weekly Wrap-up #33

This week has been all about the configuration designer/editor. The only changes I’ve made to the game code have been minor one’s needed to adjust for better visual representation within the designer. That said, I’ve gotten quite a bit done so far:


  • Did some clean up on the nodes themselves. Nothing major, but some text was aligning really badly. The node display is scheduled for a for overhaul during a “pretty-things-up” stage later on.
  • Implemented what I think should be a good base for handling views/tabs and handling displaying each one. We now have a tabbed interface allowing for multiple file editing.
  • Still working on it, but am continuing to improve the over all editor framework itself. This was a big of a time sink and I’m not happy how much time I lost here. It does seem more stable now though and enough for me to feel confident about moving forward onto making more editors based from this work without needing any significant rewrites.
  • Implemented a query engine for all the decision tree data. This will allow us to request specific pieces of information from all shared data (tree’s, tasks, branches etc) within a single query.
  • Created new window for displaying list of available task action parameters within the current tree you are working on.
  • Created new window for displaying the list of all available auto-target groups within the current tree you are working on.


  • Updated the “Set trigger” event to allow you to reset the value back to false. Previously it was a one-way street and could not be reset.
  • Originally all configurations had been designed to be encapsulated to avoid potential data corruption. Due to the designer requiring to now update those data objects, we have now introduced “factory” classes that allow a controlled update of the data as required.
  • Added “win” and “lost” triggers to active combat event so we can trigger additional event when the player wins or losses a battle.
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