Weekly Wrap-up #31

I’ve been spending this week focusing on some cleanup, adding in additional actions to the decision tree responses and tidying up a few loose ends that I’ve been slacking on.

  • The game now supports multiple profiles. This included separating all saves files, options etc and building the UI to allow the user to choose one. Upon first starting the game the user is not asked to create a profile, but instead a default one is created. Should they want to customize or create additional profiles they can do so from the “Options” window on the main menu.
  • NPC’s can now follow a direct path defined within Tiled using polygon or polyline’s as well as their previous A* point-to-point path’s.
  • Any time (NPC or player) a sprite is being moved through a path, the camera can now follow them instead of always the player.
  • Did an overhaul on the path system to make it a bit easier to use going forward. Also found and fixed a memory leak when using certain older path types; although I’m not entirely sure how substantial it was.
  • Added the following new decision tree event actions that can be used based upon results:
    • Allow us to pan/scroll the camera across a map using a predefined path object on the map itself.
    • Allow loading of maps based upon decision results.
    • Update the active state of other events (turn them on/off) based upon decision results.
    • Display effect animations on the map based upon decision results.
    • Allow a single sound to be played based upon decision results.
    • Allow control of map layers visibility/opacity based upon decision results.
    • Allow assignment of specific animations to NPC’s based upon decision results.
    • Allow enable/disable of static light sources based upon decision results.
    • Allow enable/disable/assignment of light sources to NPC’s and player sprite’s based upon decision results.
    • Allow fade of screen.
  • Added the ability to (finally) provide a list of load screen’s to a specific adventure. It will randomly choose a load screen from the list any time a load screen is requested. You can also define a separate list on a per map basis should you wish to use those instead.
  • Did some minor cleanup with the conversation dialog’s and added progressive text display (characters at a time) as an option. Also added an automated choices option for non-player interaction conversations.
  • Added ability to apply character map’s to NPC’s through decision tree actions.
  • Updated how overhead captions are displayed for NPC’s (removed duplicated code)
  • Did some cleanup in the decision tree code to reduce the number of allocated array instances.
  • Changed caption actions from being decision task action to an event action instead. This is because captions are handled differently in combat than adventure maps and trying to call the task during combat could cause bad things to happen. Combat captions are still handled through sequences as they were previously.
  • Further improvements to the progressive text display.
Basic Game Profiles
Introducing Cut-Scene’s !


  1. How many people are working on this?

    • Just myself at the moment. I’ll be bringing in my brother shortly to help out with story line etc.

      I have a feeling now that I’ve wrapped up a lot of the engine portions, we’ll be flying through playable content pretty quickly.

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