Weekly Wrap-up #21

Hey again everyone.

Another horrible week at work; someone needs to remind my bosses that 65 hours is not a “normal” work week 🙂

Regardless, I did manage to get some things wrapped up this week despite my own efforts to create another pointless time sink.

  • Implemented customized effect action animations. This allows us to now have multiple animations for any type of actions. For example we can now have cast use different visual animations as desired but still be called under the same action event.
  • Added character maps to creatures and weapons. This allows us to better control their visual looks and allow us to have the character weapons visually change when they swap them out within the equipment window. We’ll expand on this further later and possibly implement some restrictions (ie only allow great swords with fighter types etc).
  • Finally added back in character dance animations. I’ll probably revisit them a few more times but for now I think they’ll work.
  • Revisited the screen size/zoom from last week. I realized the zoom was stretching the images and not properly resizing them. Now we have two sprite sizes (small/large) which are used for their related devices. This allows for a better visual display of the combat field.
  • Removed the overlay for large devices so we can use larger sprites on the screen and provide a better combat feel using the full screen instead.
  • [TIME SINK] Made additional changes to movement during combat to attempt and smooth out the motion for multiple device sizes. This has turned into a major time sink sadly, but seems to have been improved quite a bit. I’ll keep working on it as needed. In the end the solution to my time sink was so simple it made me ill 🙂
  • Updated the effects to use scaled sizes for small & large screens.
  • Added WORLD clock checks to the adventure map to update any remaining combat effects using that clock type. As in combat, this check only happens once every 1 second.
  • Made the target “effect” scale to the sprite size correctly.
  • Updated the face icons to use the new characters; will likely revisit to get better mug shots 🙂
  • Did some cleanup of configurations and created/assigned starter weapons for everyone.
  • [BUG FIX] Fixed a bug in the character mappings for hiding sprite parts.
  • [BUG FIX] Inventory equipment list was not being properly cleared upon reopening causing duplicated data.
  • [BUG FIX] Found a neat bug when changing parties. Seems I wasn’t clearing out the old data from the pool objects and damage effects were being placed incorrectly on the screen should they use one of the pooled objects.
  • [BUG FIX] During the spriter integration, I introduced a bug in the reactions when swapping back to IDLE. Easy fix, but hard to find !

Video’s of the week


Full combat session demo
Weekly Wrap-up #22

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