Weekly Wrap-up #14

Very slow week due to work overload, but did get a few additional things completed over the weekend:

  • Started working on the Save/Load system. It is still planned on making a “save service” to allow players to be able to save their game online, then be able to pick back up again on any device. I was hoping to do some kind of “merge” of multiple device saves, but that might not be possible; instead you’ll be able to choose which device file you’d like to “pick up where you left off from”. I’ll write more about this later once it comes closer to implementation.
  • All party members now get XP instead of just active one’s.
  • [Bug Fix] Party win sound wasn’t playing to the end properly in Android.
  • Reduced sprite color count for certain monsters to reduce FPS in Android.
  • Added pre-loading of NPC sprites during map loading to reduce load “spikes” that was happening when previously loading them on demand.
  • New Artwork! Been spending some time this weekend learning our sprite animation software and getting a feeling for the amount of effort needed. So far it’s massive, but should be fun !

Articles for the week:


Wow, I have so much to learn !
Animations #1: Directional, Idle and Basic slash attack

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