Weekly Wrap-up #13

This week I decided to spend some time this week working on some AI for both monsters and the “recommended actions” for players. This has resulted in some additional changes and several fixes in the AI (decision tree) components along with some adjustments to a few other things also.

This is what I accomplished this week:

  • Wrapping up (for now) the work on character/monster balancing. I have enough information/calculations now that I feel going forward shouldn’t be too difficult. I just now need to apply it all to “real” configurations.
  • Fixed bug when multiple animations were being used for a single attack.
  • Memory usage improvements with higher used UI windows.
  • Fixed minor bug with inheriting parent abilities.
  • Added the ability to query the available party targets count for each group to allow for the decision AI to make better scope choices.
  • Started working on some AI configurations:
    • Caster damage. Will now choose best spells based upon enemy party size (living) and available spells and spell points.
    • Healing. Based upon current HP of party members, a healing spell can be chosen based upon available spells and spell points.
    • Melee (for now) has remained pretty much the same. Choose a target I previously hit, or pick a new target at 50/20 percent damage (focus on the dying first). Will revisit this later once we start introducing “personalities” into players/monsters.
  • Added parameters to weight adjusters to allow for easier reuse of weights on decision branches.
  • Added “counter” to ability extractor so we can count the number of matches as well as obtain their values. For example, we can now find out “how many combatants do we have with less than 20 HP” instead of just “how many HP does this combatant have”.
  • Made some minor improvements (performance and usage) to the priority decision node.
  • Further improvements in memory allocations during decision tree executions and targeting.
  • Added override of action and trigger policy for task node imports.
  • Fixed minor bug in monster pack building when attempting to force a member count limit.
  • Fixed crashing bug when attempting to use “choose own targets” in the recommended targets window (oops!)
  • Bug fix with story window when displaying only one page.
  • Made adjustments to the XP scale.
  • Significantly improved the formula for determining random encounters. I’ve removed the pure random choice I had (filler) and replaced it with a formula that increases your chances of an encounter the longer you go without one. I’ve then balanced that for each monster “zone type” we have allowing for spawns of bigger fights to occur less often.


I posted an article this week about my last year of developing this game. The article also gives a short video showing some of the major features currently available in the game.

You can check it out here:


First year of development under my belt. More to come!
Wow, I have so much to learn !

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