Weekly Wrap-up #122

Another quiet week due to “day job” work load, but I did continue working on the new mountains map this week. My previous plan on having an upper  and lower sections has been put aside for now and I’m thinking instead it will just be an upper path with quite a few path options making it more maze like.

There is a background story as to why it looks there are so many paths and there will also be some things the player may want to search out and find (optional though) within the map itself as they wander through it.

It is very, very much an unfinished draft still, but I figured I’d show what it looks like currently:

Weekly Wrap-up #121


  1. Most paths will be bridges, there will be some that are “switches” that will open/close other bridges allowing you to go into other paths. (where you have to go to collect the optional things)

    So you’ll be able to return to any place you’ve previously been by backtracking, but I like the idea of “jumping off”, might sneak that one into another map later on!

  2. Are you going to make it a two-way path where you can go back, like over a bridge, or would you be considering one way where you “jump” between peaks, and if your path was a dead end, you would go back to the start?

    If the latter, you could add a flag, or marker, at the decision points that could be set, and players would use that to solve the maze.

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