Weekly Wrap-up #120

Biggest news this week is that after many additional weeks of testing, I’ve finally made Mischieviots available on mobile! You can download on your favorite devices here:

Android – Play Store    iOS – App Store

I’m also still plugging away at the next chapter with a few things wrapped up this week:


  • Fixed rare crashing bug during memory warning call in iOS.
  • Fixed rare crashing bug caused when attempting to run at the exact time battle is won/lost.

Dwarf and the Dynamite

  • Wrapped up all the draft versions of the NPC’s for the next chapter (25 of them!)
  • Added additional decorations to the new forest.
  • Started working on the first new town.
  • Several minor changes to the tile swapping for small items such as flowers.

Screen shot

I wrapped up the majority of the work for the next town our friends will visit, here’s a quick peek:

Weekly Wrap-up #119
Weekly Wrap-up #121

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