Weekly Wrap-up #12

Another week wrapped up. Still spent most of my time attempting to create some kind of statistical balance with monsters and players, been making great progress, but still working on it.

Here’s a list of what I accomplished design/code wise this week:

  • Initial cut of balancing damage between monsters and player is almost complete. I can now, within a limit, dictate and control how long it will take a party to defeat a monster party and for monsters to defeat our player. This will help me to later build monster/player stats that can be balanced evenly through all levels in the game.
  • I can now also determine the amount of damage produced by spells and weapons and be able to balance those upon each character to ensure that none of the monsters or playable creatures become too overpowering as compared to others of the same level.
  •  Introduced an alternate combat style. See the separate article below describing both.
  • Made monsters in combat not start their agility timers until the player has taken their first turn. This might be revisited, but for now feels more “fair” to the player.
  • Continued adjustments to agility, ability and experience charts.
  • Added “percent” to the effect value allowing for direct adjustments to the total value when desired (mass attacks for example).
  • Improved the “random selection” for targets.
  • Several minor bugs found and fixed when creating creatures from their configurations (stats were not adding up properly)
  • When up against a monster party of only one, you now get additional experience for them.
  • Fixed minor bug when creating monster packs (max size was not being properly used).
  • Updated all playable characters and slimes to use the new “balanced” statistics. Will continue to improve since right now all playable characters have the same stats !

Introducing Two Combat Styles


Optional combat styles
First year of development under my belt. More to come!