Weekly Wrap-up #118

This week wrapped up a new release (1.0.5) that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. The major focus was combat flow changes and then additional support needed for the almost ready iOS/Android release. This week also saw some extra polishing changes that I wanted to add for this release along with some smaller bugs I found during final testing.

From here, I believe I’ll be finally returning back to Chapter 2 development and wrapping up the mobile testing so I can finally release there too.

Here’s the changes I did this week:


  • Improved the player “find stuff” interaction. I’ve made it behave similar to NPC interactions. The player now gets an icon over their head when something can be found. The player can then either click near that space or use the F key (desktop only) to find and claim the item.
  • Added the ability to confirm with the player before certain special attacks that may cause bodily harm (Last Resort!)
  • Removing scrolls/orbs sometimes didn’t remove effects properly.
  • I’ve added a “Check for Updates” button in the options window. I’m on the fence about forcing it to check upon every game start, so for now I’m leaving it as a manual effort from the player to check for updates when they choose to.
  • When enemies were disabled, their turns were not being skipped properly keeping them disabled permanently.
  • In the rare case when a spawned monster ran away at the exact time you attacked them, it was causing a crash. I believe I’ve fixed this now.
  • Made a couple of improvements on how the monsters behaved under certain conditions.
  • I slightly increased the speed of walking.
  • Finally added added that RUN key everyone keeps asking for. A few notes about it:
    • Run speed is 50% faster than walking. I may increase it, but so far found that anything higher just felt odd or too fast for display within the maps.
    • Assigned to SPACE by default. Can be reconfigured in the options window.
    • For Compass (Desktop optional and all Mobile). As you reach the outer edge of the compass, the character will start running. To return to walking,┬ámove closer to the center again.
    • If you run all the time, you will cover more ground, but the rate of spawns does not change and you may see less spawns/encounters the more you run.
  • Adjusted the amount of residuum you obtained per battle. Near the end of the first chapter you had way too much and it didn’t matter. This adjustment should make it more important.


  • Added small change to the tips window for RUN key.
  • Seems at some point I broke the “instant turns” during tutorials, I’ve fixed it again.

Dwarf & the Dynamite:

  • Added the ability to start new adventures with “pre-built” characters so new players can start on any chapter they wish and have someone “at level” to play them. I’ll be adding in “Carry over” save files later also.
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Weekly Wrap-up #119

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