Weekly Wrap-up #117

Another productive week wrapped up with lots of updates and polishing added in.

I’ve finally finished the iOS port I think and am now doing some final testing with it to make sure everything is where I like it. I didn’t end up with as much improvement as I wanted, but players (only iPhone 5 has the memory limit problems) should be able to play a single start-to-end session without stopping and not run into too much difficulty. I’m thinking that most players probably won’t play for 2 hours straight on their phone though, so I’m hoping for that being the case; in which case they won’t run into issues at all.

There are still some additional polishing I want to do before my mobile release so I’ll be focusing on that this coming week and then finally back to the new chapter!

Here’s what I’ve done this week:

  • Large slime slow icon wasn’t set properly.
  • Default speed of animations was not being used properly.
  • Added some additional checks for the monster cheating.
  • Removed the small pause sometimes showing up when monster yell out messages.
  • On desktop only, you can now touch anywhere on the screen and the character will run that direction. It does not path so if they run into something, they’ll bump into it just like you would using the keyboard. You can also still turn on the previous “compass” and use a smaller touch space too if wanted. Mobile always uses compass as before.
  • Monster spawns will no longer start combat unless you are moving.
  • Added quick tips popup to show to player when they first land in town.
  • Gave food items percentage HP increases instead of constants.
  • Added a few things to find in the town vendors for players to steal.
  • Made some updates to Frezza’s conversation before joining the party.
  • Yet another iteration/version of combat has been put into place. The previous changes seemed to allow players to overpower the monster party too easily so I’ve made some additional adjustments to let the monsters attack a bit more often, but without breaking the flow too much in return.
  • Due to recent combat changes, all monsters got a small increase to damage and hit points.
  • Found/fixed a crashing bug with the vendor item count text field.
  • Reduced the damage for sceptre’s. They we’re a bit too high for a wooden stick.
  • After further consideration, I’ve decided to remove the dual combat styles and no longer support the “simultaneous” style and focus instead on the improving the newer sequential system I’ve been working on (as above). I also don’t believe it was ever used much, if at all, since it was not the default style.
  • Reduced the amount of damage “per tick” of spider poisons. It was 20% Max HP, reduced to 10%.
  • Several minor changes in the tutorial to fix bugs I introduced from recent other changes.
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