Weekly Wrap-up #116

This week I finally made progress with the iOS port that has been taking up most of my time lately. I was able to play through start-to-end this week without it running into memory issues on an iPhone 5 (which has more memory limitations than newer models). Unfortunately I can’t go any older than that, but it should be a good starting point I think.

I have a few other minor changes that I want to do┬ábefore I do an official “first mobile” release, but it is looking better now.

Here’s the short list of what was done this week:

  • Player was able to move before mage joined party.
  • Made many changes to the loading screens in an attempt to reduce crackling for iOS specific.
  • Continued efforts to manage memory in ways that iOS prefers (but not needed on other devices)
  • Merged many of the original layers of the forest map to reduce memory consumption and slightly improve loading times.
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