Weekly Wrap-up #115

This week I’ve spent a lot of my time working on mechanical improvements. I’m still trying to get an iOS port to behave and I think with the changes this week I’m finally making good progress.

The biggest additional change this week was in the combat. I’ve made some changes with the flow and how turns are used. You should not be waiting anymore for your next turn and the monsters are also a lot more lively should you not be keeping then engaged (all your characters waiting on turns, the monsters will take free “pot shots” at you!). ThereĀ are time though that I feel you’re rolling over the enemies too quickly, so I might continue to adjust this before the next release.

I also spent some time rebuilding my development environment to try out a different porting tool for iOS: Multi-OS-Engine. This was a fun experience and I learned a lot about the tool, but ultimately have decided to continue using RoboVM instead due to several missing features at this time. I will continue to watch MoE with interest though as it continues in development. On the plus side, I can now swap between both tools without too much trouble anytime I want to test out new builds from MoE.

Here’s some additional changes made this week also:

  • Finally found and fixed a couple of annoying bugs in the Spriter animator engine that was causing sprites to fade incorrectly.
  • Made some changes to spell effects and how they’re loaded. Most are now run through Spriter instead of the old style “sprite sheets” which helps reduce memory usage significantly (which was a problem on iOS ports).
  • Many spells have been updated to different looks and others may get changed in the future also.
  • Attempted to improve the conversation speed for devices with lower frame rates.
  • Frezza (Ice Archer) got an upgrade:
    • She now has a level 1 special ability “Multishot” that lets you directly hit 1 to allĀ enemies arrows. The more enemies chosen, the less damage each arrow gives. You start off at 300% base damage for a single target and it scales down to 120% for group and 60% for all targets. This special costs 40% of your maximum mana though, so use it wisely! (may adjust later after additional testing)
  • Added a “Coming Soon” display in the choose adventure window to show what the next chapter being worked on is about (as a teaser).
  • I was able to speed up the initial loading screen after choosing an adventure. Gains vary between 5-10 seconds on various devices.
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