Weekly Wrap-up #114

Another week wrapped up with lots of changes put in place. The Android port I think is pretty much ready to roll, but I’ve ran into some performance issues with iOS. Seems their “Jetsam app-killer” doesn’t like my game and kills it due to “memory consumption” which is funny since it uses very little and rarely ever requests more. I’m continuing to attempt this battle, but it is becoming a frustrating effort.

Changes for 1.0.4:

  • The interpolation used for mobile devices (due to sometimes lower frame rates) was not being applied to desktop because I didn’t see the need since I only use 60 FPS. However, certain video recording devices can sometimes cause the rate to drop to 30 depending on their settings which caused a significant drop in walking/attack speeds. I’ve now applied the same interpolation for desktop when the frame rate is lower like mobile.
  • I finally added in full screen support for those that prefer it.
  • Added in additional “windowed mode” sizes for players to choose instead of only 1280×720.
  • Returned to using LibGDX viewport’s to allow for better full screen support.
  • Decided to try out loading all combat sounds upon adventure first load instead of only map/adventure sounds. This means that the initial adventure loading screen will take a bit longer (2-10 seconds), but the first-time combat loading screen will be significantly faster.
  • When selecting a new profile, the icon was not being updated upon returning to the main screen.
    • Just for kicks, I also updated the profile icons and added some new one’s too.
  • When you first meet Calvin, he picks a fight with you, but that fight wasn’t well balanced for a 4 against 1 fight, so I’ve made the following changes to spice him up a bit:
    • Increased his OFF so he’ll hit more often.
    • Significantly increased his critical chance (since he’ll probably only get 2-3 turns at best)
    • Reduced his DEF so the player can hit him better (missing attacks far too often)
    • Gave him a permanent haste so he’d get at least 2 attacks in before dying. (and go first)
  • Updated the conversation post-battle with the Bandit, Calvin. I got several reports that it didn’t “feel right”, hopefully this new variation works better; let me know!
  • Updated the conversation with the Inn Keeper to pad out his personality a bit more.
  • Removed transparency of several buttons and the tool tip windows.
  • Seems I didn’t quite entirely fix the disable monsters bug with tutorials. I think I have it now.
  • The combat during tutorials was a but cumbersome, so I’ve removed turns entirely during them. This will let you try out lots of things without having to wait between each attempt.
  • Auto-save wasn’t showing up in the optional window for mobile devices (oops).
  • Decide that having both a comparison and quick-equip window was redundant. Instead, you can now equip the item directly from the comparison window and I’ve removed the old “quick equip”.
  • Fixed crashing bug when using server sync.
  • Fixed some minor asset load/reload issues with Android.
  • Made loading screen music stop less abruptly.
  • Junk bag was not being saved.
  • Made thug map automatically expose map when looted to avoid it not working later.
  • Made another attempt to resolve crashing issue in party window. This one keeps coming back but I’m not able to specifically reproduce it so hoping this time I might have caught the bad logic that was allowing it to potentially crash.
  • Fixed crash caused when having suggestion, special or defense targeting open and battle is finished by another character.

Changes for “Dwarf and the Dynamite”:

  • Added the following to the first new map: (West forest)
    • There are now 6 locked chests, each requires the player to find a key.
      • Planned: Level 12-15 gear and possibly unique items only found in these chests.
    • There are now 6 unlocked chests that the player can loot right away.
      • Currently contains level 8 equipment from “The Gathering”.
  • Added ambiance sounds for West forest. Will probably get some new additional one’s later, but for now they use the same one’s from the East forest.
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