Weekly Wrap-up #113

This week saw two releases, one was an “emergency” due to finding a bug that caused monsters to not attack should you visit the combat tutorial first (oops). The next release, on the following day, included some more cosmetic/polish changes that I was originally planning for this week.

I’m also continuing to work on the next chapter. Right now the work is mostly focused on some mechanical changes for new features and map creations. I should have something new to show soon!

Below is the list of changes I’ve done this week:

Changes made for 1.0.2:

  • Fixed a crashing bug that sometimes showed up when attempting to run, but dying during it.
  • Attempted to resolve crashing bug with party changes. Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce this one, but have seen one crash report about it so far and made some changes in an attempt to resolve it anyway.
  • Moved a chest in the Forest to stop it from looking like it was on top of a mountain.
  • When doing tutorial, the disabled monsters were not being enabled against after. Thus, when going into fights in the forest, they remained disabled.

Changes for 1.0.3:

  • Made Trainer NPC talk to you immediately allowing you to then learn about how to interact with other NPC’s.
  • Made the guard tell you a more specific location for the Bandit.
  • Made some minor improvements to the initial tutorial to provide button usage instruction.
  • Moved another chest so it no longer looked like it was on top of a mountain.
  • Several tasks that show up in the adventure log are actually optional but didn’t indicate they we’re, so now they show up with a green “Optional” text beside them to show you what’s required and what isn’t.
  • Significantly increased the potency of many existing potions and created several new ones:
    • NEW Agility +5
    • NEW Defence +10
    • NEW Offence +50
    • Bull’s Strength was 4, now 20
    • Fox’s Cunning was 4, now 20
    • Ogre Damage was 4, now 6

Changes for “Dwarf and the Dynamite”:

  • Implemented new lock/key mechanic for optional chest type.
  • Started planning on which monsters will go into the first map.
  • Started planning of what optional’s will be available in the first map.
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