Weekly Wrap-up #108

This has been a great week for “spit & polish” work. I’ve gotten a lot more sounds in place and made many adjustments for all kinds of things, big and small!

Here’s the list of what’s been done this week:

  • Special attacks were always being made available in the specials window. (oops)
  • Added a new impact animation for physical hits and critical hits.
  • When canceling targets, the regular “cancel” sound is now played (same one when hitting cancel in UI)
  • First target touch in combat, will now select them instead of needing you to do the first “slide”.
    • Sliding afterword will select additional targets, releasing immediately will invoke attack on the single target.
  • The navigation compass no longer needs to be faded out to move. Clicking again anywhere will move it while open.
  • Expanded the “touch” range of the navigation compass to be 2x larger.
  • Replaced “Knight” references with “Finley” in all tutorials.
  • Caption no longer play multiple sounds during battle escape.
  • Adjusted the map swamp ambiance sound zone.
  • Flies and Frogs were not playing sounds properly.
  • Voice over sounds played during attacks were repeating similar iterations too often. Made it so that they are ensured to not repeat the same one as previous when doing multiple attacks.
  • Reduced the fading time of music between combat/adventure.
  • Improved loading screen’s to be a bit more smooth (music and loading bar).
  • Added new sounds for bat movements.
  • Added new sound for defend activation.
  • Music was playing incorrectly when enter/exit a map multiple times back to back.
  • Added new sounds to introduction cut-scene.
  • Added “bumping” sound played when you run into things.
  • Spawned monsters now wander around a little bit on the map (if they have room).
  • Confusion spell now causes a 50% chance to hit original targets or their own party. This was 100% before.

Here’s a little GIF of the updated attack impact animations:

I also made the monster spawns wander around a bit now (if they have room):

New impact animations
New equipment comparison UI

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