Weekly Wrap-up #100

Wow, post #100! I was really hoping I’d be able to announce my official public release on this post number, but alas it didn’t quite work out that way. I’m still plugging away though and making lots of improvements while I await on the remainder of my sound effects to be wrapped up.

Here’s what was worked on this week:

  • Fixed crashing bug in alchemy windows (scroll and orb) when closed before craft animation completes.
  • Fixed bug with drag & drop of scroll onto craft slot.
  • Fixed bug with dismantle not being available when not enough Residuum to create.
  • Fixed equipped description when adding/removing equipment.
  •  Sound effects were not being properly adjusted by the optional volume slider. Oops!
  • Added in “NPC sound wave”. This basically allows me to create footstep or animation sounds for the NPC that will only be heard by the player if they player is close enough (within their wave).
  • All walking NPC’s received their new sound waves using changes above.
  • The spell “Doom” caused crashes when cast upon players due to missing status icon.
  • I decided it was time to remove support for small device screens. When I first started this game, almost 3 years ago, some devices I wanted to support still had rather small screen sizes so I was maintaining two separate UI/artwork sets for smaller and larger screens. Over time I believe that there is no longer need to support these really small screen’s and anyone still using them should probably upgrade 🙂
    • This reduced the size of the APK for mobile devices by quite a bit and reduced complexity in the code for UI interfaces.
  • Fixed several minor texture glitches in home town.
  • Minor changes to the walking animations for the player character on the adventure map.
  • Just for referencing, added the game version to the credits window.
  • Added new keys to the keyboard settings for more window direct opens.
  • Added “Restore defaults” to options window to revert back to original settings.
  • Fixed some minor issues with targeting when using keyboard only.
  • Due to lack of proper ways to test, I’ve temporarily removed the controller support. Full keyboard support remains and will be improved in the near future if needed.
  • Implemented a new system for providing tutorials in game and have created a small series of tutorials using it. I’ve also added in a Trainer NPC in town for using the new tutorials.
Spell Updates: Reflect & Bounce
Introducing Tutorials

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