Updated targeting system

This week I revisited the targeting system to see if I could improve the behaviour of it since some testers found it to be a bit too “click needy” (too many clicks).

After various attempts, I decided to go with these steps needed:

  • Press down and hold while sliding over all desired targets to select.
  • Releasing when over any target will start the attack using all current selections.
  • Releasing when not over a target will clear the selections allowing you to start again.

This created a really nice/quick smooth flow to targeting that I think will work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

With these changes, the UI that previously had all the buttons on it was not longer required, so instead I added a small “Help” button in the top left of the screen for those who might need it.

Here’s a quick screen shot of the help screen:

And here’s a really quick video showing the basics:

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Updates to Combat Targeting
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