Save game mock-up

Today I’d like to share with you my initial design for the save game window. This is the “small device” mock-up, the desktop/larger device would be very similar, just with additional space and visible slots.

The plan is to allow two types of slots:

  • Device: These are your typical save slots stored on the physical device itself.
  • Server: We are planning on providing a save service allowing you to store your game saves onto an external server and then be able to copy them back onto any other device you want allowing you to continue playing the same game regardless of device.

Additional Info:

  • In the Device slots, the first slot will always be static (cannot be deleted) and will be the “auto-save” slot should something go wrong and you’d like to use a recent auto-save.
  • Currently I’m thinking we will allow 10 slots per type, but that is just a made up number for space purposes so if we feel it’s not enough we’ll consider increasing it.
  • For now the plan is to provide the save service entirely free and we will try our best to keep it available as much as possible. If over time we find the cost of maintaining this free service too difficult to sustain, we may start providing a premium/paid version running on higher end systems. Even then, we’ll likely continue to try and keep the original free service still available.
  • When transmitting the data to the server, currently I’m using GZIP for all the data to compress it into a much smaller size which should help with portable devices. We also never do any non-user-requested transfers (see Sync button below). So even if you are online with a device, you can choose to not do any data transfers.

Using that plan, here is a mock screen shot what I believe it will look like:

Save Game Mockup

Device Slots

  • Load/Save: This will load/save the game data from the selected slot. The button “Load” shown would change to “Save” should you be accessing this window through a save request.
    • NOTE: You can only save/load from the device slots list. If you wish to use any save files from the server, they must first be dragged onto an empty slot on the device side.
  • Delete: This will delete the game save in the currently selected slot. The deletion is permanent and instant, however you will be warned before action is taken.
  • EMPTY: This means the slot is available to be saved upon, either from saving within the game itself or by having a server game save drag & dropped onto it from the other list.

Server Slots

  • Sync: Used to synchronize the list with the server.
    • Upon first landing on this dialog we do not automatically call out to the server to obtain the list of saves and it will initially be blank. Should you currently be on a device without internet access, then this button will be disabled.
    • If enabled, clicking on the button the first time will load all save files from the server then display them.
    • After you are finished working with the server slots (delete, drag & drop etc) you can then sync again to save all the information back to the server.
  • Delete: Same as device, removes the save file from the slot. The deletion in this case however is not made permanent until you click on the Sync button. Until then, all changes here are not sent to the server. You will also be warned before action is taken.
  • EMPTY: You can drag & drop any save file in a device slot into an EMPTY server slot allowing it to be saved to the server upon Sync.


I’m open to any suggestions or thoughts, even if they are “wow, that’s awful; try again”. I’ve been struggling with this for a few days now doodling several variations on paper and this is the only version so far I didn’t detest 🙂

Thanks for reading !

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  1. I’d keep it down to 3-5 save slots for each – I’m thinking people should recycle those abandon games.

    I would think that the server save should be a premium perk if you purchase a paid version. Or, at minimum offer one server slot for free, more for paid.

    • Good idea’s Tony, thanks.

      Giving away one server slot for free could entice players into wanting more and let them get a feel for how it works.

      I’m thinking offering additional slots for a “purchased” version of the game is a good way to let people play for free, but still gain additional benefits should they wish to purchase the game (say on Steam for example should we get lucky enough to get listed there).

      I don’t think we’d take it as far as making it a subscription basis though, seems a bit overkill.

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