New UI – Round 2

After some feedback yesterday on the new UI it was decided that most liked the old version better (myself included)

The major reason I wanted to update it was because of the pixelated look (which looks good by itself, but not against the combat backgrounds/characters).

So, this time I decided to take the same layout of the original and make it match better to the style of the combat area.

Here’s what I’ve come up instead:

Combat Before:New UI: Combat Console (before)

Combat After:New UI: Combat Console (after) #2

Combat After (with additional shading to reduce flatness)
New UI: Combat Console (version 2 with shading)

Navigator (original)
New UI: Navigator (before)

Navigator (version 2)
New UI: Navigator (version 2)

New UI being tried out
Weekly Wrap-up #53

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