New Feature: Objectives

This week I introduced objectives to allow the player to keep track of various tasks they are currently working on. There is only ever a maximum of 5 shown, but there will never be more than that many active, so it will also fill the remaining slots with one’s previously completed.

I also decided that I needed to update the navigator to provide additional buttons to access this window along with an upcoming “information” window. This resulted in the top part of the navigator turning into more of a “tool bar” now.

Here’s a screen shot showing before/after of the navigator:Navigator Update

The objectives window is shown here. As you can see, two of the three objectives have already been completed and are thus “checked off”. You can still review their details though should you want to.


When clicking on any of the “Details” buttons, you end up with a new window providing you with a more in-depth description of the objective:

Objectives Detail #1

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