Introducing Cut-Scene’s !

So this past week I decided to finally connect up all the little pieces I had been making that could support a cut-scene and combine them into a single configurable location.

This little video is a quick demonstration of the majority of features currently possible in cut-scene’s:

  • JSON driven¬†like the rest of the game;¬†requiring no knowledge of the code itself.
  • Story window display
  • Camera scroll/pan over any map using pre-defined path
  • Adding/Moving characters on the map
  • Placing “bubble” text above character head
  • Adding/Manipulating light sources
  • Add/Remove/Swap of specific layers
  • Use of sound (and music, although not in this demo)
  • Opening and display of conversations using main window.
  • Placement of sprite animations (firewall)
  • Screen fading

If you’re interested in what the JSON code looks like, you can check it out here:

And finally, here’s the video itself. Enjoy !

Mini Cut-Scene
Mini Cut-Scene


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  1. very cool! it gave me a few ideas

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun putting this one together and seeing how so many of the parts I had previously written finally working together in one place.

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