Heading down the wrong path, then realizing it…

Even start with what you think is a great idea, spend a good portion of time on it, then realize “wow, this sucks”….then delete it and start over?

Did that today, the finished version of the idea ended up being much cleaner, but wow, that first cut…how embarrassing !

I was trying to implement the ability to “attach” triggers to a target using spells. Previously it has only been possible through direct methods such as equipment. At first I thought it was going to be simple so I started down the path. After a few changes things started to not feel write. After a while longer, things just got worse !

So, took a short break, ran some errands, actually did some “real” work for a bit and cleared my head. Then it came to me !

So I deleted all the previous code and within less than an hour I had it all working.

Odd how sometimes things can work out, even if you start off on the wrong foot…

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