[Release] 1.0.5 – 04/14/2017

Release Notes

This is a patch release for the adventure “The Gathering”.

Please continue to report any crashes, odd behaviour or issues observed while playing this adventure. Any and all additional feedback is also welcome as it will be considered for future releases.

Here is what’s changed for 1.0.5:

The biggest additional change this week was in the combat. I’ve made some changes with the flow and how turns are used. You should not be waiting anymore for your next turn and the monsters are also a lot more lively should you not be keeping then engaged (all your characters waiting on turns, the monsters will take free “pot shots” at you!). There are time though that I feel you’re rolling over the enemies too quickly, so I might continue to adjust this before the next release.

Here’s the full list of changes made for this release:

  • Finally found and fixed a couple of annoying bugs in the Spriter animator engine that was causing sprites to fade incorrectly.
  • Made some changes to spell effects and how they’re loaded. Most are now run through Spriter instead of the old style “sprite sheets” which helps reduce memory usage significantly (which was a problem on iOS ports).
  • Many spells have been updated to different looks and others may get changed in the future also.
  • Attempted to improve the conversation speed for devices with lower frame rates.
  • Frezza (Ice Archer) got an upgrade:
    • She now has a level 1 special ability “Multishot” that lets you directly hit 1 to all enemies arrows. The more enemies chosen, the less damage each arrow gives. You start off at 300% base damage for a single target and it scales down to 120% for group and 60% for all targets. This special costs 40% of your maximum mana though, so use it wisely! (may adjust later after additional testing)
  • Added a “Coming Soon” display in the choose adventure window to show what the next chapter being worked on is about (as a teaser).
  • I was able to speed up the initial loading screen after choosing an adventure. Gains vary between 5-10 seconds on various devices.
  • Player was able to move before mage joined party.
  • Made many changes to the loading screens in an attempt to reduce crackling for iOS specific.
  • Continued efforts to manage memory in ways that iOS prefers (but not needed on other devices)
  • Merged many of the original layers of the forest map to reduce memory consumption and slightly improve loading times.
  • Large slime slow icon wasn’t set properly.
  • Default speed of animations was not being used properly.
  • Added some additional checks for the monster cheating.
  • Removed the small pause sometimes showing up when monster yell out messages.
  • On desktop only, you can now touch anywhere on the screen and the character will run that direction. It does not path so if they run into something, they’ll bump into it just like you would using the keyboard. You can also still turn on the previous “compass” and use a smaller touch space too if wanted. Mobile always uses compass as before.
  • Monster spawns will no longer start combat unless you are moving.
  • Added quick tips popup to show to player when they first land in town.
  • Gave food items percentage HP increases instead of constants making them more useful at higher levels.
  • Added a few things to find in the town vendors for players to steal.
  • Made some updates to Frezza’s conversation before joining the party.
  • Yet another iteration/version of combat has been put into place. The previous changes seemed to allow players to overpower the monster party too easily so I’ve made some additional adjustments to let the monsters attack a bit more often, but without breaking the flow too much in return.
  • Due to recent combat changes, all monsters got a small increase to damage and hit points.
  • Found/fixed a crashing bug with the vendor item count text field.
  • Reduced the damage for sceptre’s. They we’re a bit too high for a wooden stick.
  • After further consideration, I’ve decided to remove the dual combat styles and no longer support the “simultaneous” style and focus instead on the improving the newer sequential system I’ve been working on (as above). I also don’t believe it was ever used much, if at all, since it was not the default style.
  • Reduced the amount of damage “per tick” of spider poisons. It was 20% Max HP, reduced to 10%.
  • Several minor changes in the tutorial to fix bugs I introduced from recent other changes.
  • Improved the player “find stuff” interaction. I’ve made it behave similar to NPC interactions. The player now gets an icon over their head when something can be found. The player can then either click near that space or use the F key (desktop only) to find and claim the item.
  • Added the ability to confirm with the player before certain special attacks that may cause bodily harm (Last Resort!)
  • Removing scrolls/orbs sometimes didn’t remove effects properly.
  • I’ve added a “Check for Updates” button in the options window. I’m on the fence about forcing it to check upon every game start, so for now I’m leaving it as a manual effort from the player to check for updates when they choose to.
  • When enemies were disabled, their turns were not being skipped properly keeping them disabled permanently.
  • In the rare case when a spawned monster ran away at the exact time you attacked them, it was causing a crash. I believe I’ve fixed this now.
  • Made a couple of improvements on how the monsters behaved under certain conditions.
  • I slightly increased the speed of walking.
  • Finally added added that RUN key everyone keeps asking for. A few notes about it:
    • Run speed is 50% faster than walking. I may increase it, but so far found that anything higher just felt odd or too fast for display within the maps.
    • Assigned to SPACE by default. Can be reconfigured in the options window.
    • For Compass (Desktop optional and all Mobile). As you reach the outer edge of the compass, the character will start running. To return to walking, move closer to the center again.
    • If you run all the time, you will cover more ground, but the rate of spawns does not change and you may see less spawns/encounters the more you run.
  • Adjusted the amount of residuum you obtained per battle. Near the end of the first chapter you had way too much and it didn’t matter. This adjustment should make it more important.