Getting Started

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Mischieviots is an entirely free game so everyone can just kick back and enjoy it. You can download it from the link above and get started right away!

Or, before you do, you can check out our little trailer:

Mischieviots First Trailer
Mischieviots First Trailer


To move the character on the screen use WSAD or the arrow keys.

The Options dialog, available from the main menu and adventure menu, will allow you to change all key mappings and make additional game customization’s as you see fit.

Introductory Adventure: “The Gathering”

Our introduction chapter is balanced to allow you to roughly reach level 8-10 by the time you reach the “boss”. In total there should be roughly 2-3 hours of game play if you take the time to wander around everything.

The “end boss” is balanced for about level 8, so although you can “rush” through and get there sooner, you may end up finding it a bit tough to beat.  If you do beat the boss below level 8, let me know, I’d love to hear all about your experience doing it.

There are 15 chests in each of the forest and first cave should you wish to wander around the map more and try to find them all!

The future of Mischieviots

This is only the beginning!

There is going to be an on-going story of 6 more additional chapters, taking you on adventures focused on each of our friends while they explore the world around them. Then, one “end game” chapter that will take them onto one final adventure wrapping up everything together.

The next chapter “Dwarf and the Dynamite” is currently being planned and development for it will be starting very soon so stay tuned for updates!