Day/Night Cycle

I decided to add/try-out a day/night cycle in the game. It only affects the forest and town since the caves are indoors. The day/night state is also applied to the combat and is updated while you fight.

Below are a couple of screen shots of two versions of combat at night that I first started off with. The first one fades only the background leaving the characters at full light, while the second one darken both.

Here are the two for comparison:


After some consideration and feedback, I decided to try a mix between the two. What I’ve ended up with is darkening the background with a slightly higher reduction than the characters, but the characters are still darkened themselves a bit. This seems to be the best solution so far.

javaw 2016-08-14 09-53-20-514

Summer 2016 Combat Preview
New sound effects and combat animating

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