Artwork Contributions


This contains all the credits for “free” artwork contributions used for this game.

There are portions of the game using closed licenses, they are not listed here.

Various parts of the artwork are under different licenses and should thus be checked upon individually before using in your own games.

Some artists listed below may no longer have their content being used in the game currently but I am listing them anyway to give them credit for their work even if it was placeholder content.

If by chance something has been missed or incorrectly used by their license, please notify us immediately and we’ll make the corrections as it is certainly not our intention to use artwork without providing full credit to those who deserve it.



UI Components are built upon this work
Buch, from OGA

The above artwork is under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. I will be sharing my derived UI work from his under the same license (as required) once I finalize the design.

Various tiles and icons
Part of (or All) the graphic tiles used in this program is the Public domain roguelike tileset “RLTiles”.
Some of the tiles have been modified by Scott Milne. You can find the original tileset at: . You can find Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup modified tilesets at:


Tiny Speck
A huge thanks to Tiny Speck for their massive contribution to the community of their assets. The majority of the artwork found in game came from their beautiful collection.

Additional tiles that may make an appearance or were used during development:

Daniel Cook’s 2d Circle Graphic Archive


Hyptosis and Zabin (only drew 6 frames of the bomb’s wick burning

Zabin, Daneeklu, Jetrel, Hyptosis, Redshrike, Bertram.

Credit goes to Daniel Cook’s 2d Circle Graphic Archive, Jetrel’s mockups resized 32×32, Bertram’s improvements, Zabin’s modification and additions, Saphy (TMW) tall grass and please provide a link back to OGA and this submission.×32-with-additions

Daniel Cook, Jetrel, yd, and Zabin.

Jetrel, Daniel Cook, Bertram and Zabin

Art by MrBeast. Commissioned by OGA

Sharm and Curt

Zabin and Jetrel from OGA


Saphy. Len Pabin

Animations used

Bubble Blog (Mr. Bubbble?)