Chests and Loot Generation

Just adding a quick update to show a couple screen shot’s from the new loot/chest system added this week; and before you say it: Yeah, I’m just now adding in chests !

The loot/chest system is driven entirely through decision tree’s, similar to the rest of the game. This allows us to query against the current state of the characters and decide what kind of loot to give them at a the time. We can make adjustments to make the loot better (or worse) depending on what they’ve been doing recently !

Just for fun, when you open your first chest ever, the Narrator pokes their head in:

Chest Looting: Conversation

And now the loot dialog itself:

Chest Looting: Stuff !

Clicking on any of the items shown in the list will give you a quick description on the details of that item.

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