Wrapping up the week

Quite a bit was accomplished this week, though some of it still needs tweaking. Below is a quick breakdown of what’s been going on.

Major events this week include:

  • Rebuild of targeting interface to allow selections placed directly upon characters.
  • Created a new video showing off the targeting changes.
  • Rebuild of the JIRA defect tracking system.
  • Implemented a Jenkins build server that can now produce daily testing builds.
  • updated some parts of the code to allow for better “non-developer” testing and manipulation of the game during startup, including being able to edit all the assets/configurations.

Things on the immediate scope for this week:

  • The new targeting system seems to have a similar “too small” feel to it like the UI back/close/accept buttons making them difficult to “click” on Android devices. Will spend some time this week working out a good solution for this.
  • Some parts of the new targeting haven’t been completed, so will be wrapping those up also.
  • Went back for a bit to revisit screen resolution support for Android. Found a slightly better method to work with them, but haven’t completed it yet.