The Grand Plan

Obviously, we’d start with one epic adventure and go from there, but here’s some thoughts on longer term. Possibly could consider using a campaign adventure as our “demo” in the even shorter term also.

Right now the game is setup to allow for multiple “adventures”, so we should mention that it can potentially have all kinds of stories available to play with our “hero”.

I’m actually thinking we should create a “world”; that world can be constantly in a state of “discovery”. As more places are discovered, campaigns can be formed to explore these new places. This would allow us to create maps/monsters etc of all kinds of styles and behaviours. The only “static” part of the game would be the UI and combat styles (although spells, attacks etc would vary this also).

To keep things interesting, I think something like this might work:

Epic adventures (where we set out to save the world)
– Loaded from the start screen and has no knowledge of other adventures.
– Closed plots, full story line etc. A complete sense of “you win!” when completing them.
– Starts characters at level one, going up from there.

Campaign adventures (we set out to explore and do smaller heroic tasks like saving a village)
– Loaded from the start screen and has no knowledge of other adventures.
– Considered more as “sub plots” or “exploration” than epic achievements.
– Characters start at level range of campaign (say its one for levels 4-9). They advance as the campaign continues and are restricted as to what they can use as per levels.
– Each one could provide “special” items etc that can only be obtained from completing them.
– The items could then be carried into other epic/campaign adventures when playing again.

Special Items
– The items obtained here would be restricted by level and only available in epic adventures when they reach the matching level (if at all)
– The one downside I see of these is that your character advancement is not applied anywhere else and is potentially “lost”.
– However, I’m thinking that the idea of playing campaigns restricted to only certain levels would have it’s own quality to it.
– Not every adventure needs to be run by super hero’s !

Expansion packs
– These would be non-content based, but provided additional characters, equipment, spells etc to all adventures above restricted by their levels.

Thinking each “release” would include everything from the previous. This way if we need to code changes for new adventures, everything else should be able to run safely.

Doing something like this would always allow the game to “evolve” and potentially allow more repeat play of older content.