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Hi everyone,

Just tossing out the UI screenshots for the profile create/edit that I’ve recently added.

Each profile gets their own settings and save files. You can swap between them pretty quickly from the main menu also. This allows multiple players on the same device without causing confusion/collisions of their game saves.

Main Menu

The game starts off by creating a default profile. When you first land on the main page, it doesn’t show up there. If you go into options though you can edit/create new profiles there. Once you have a second (or more) the extra button on the main screen shows up then.

I’ve gone back & forth if I want the profile button to show up with just the one profile (default or otherwise); so I’m good either way if you’d rather see it full time.

javaw 2015-08-10 23-39-28-813

Select Profile

Pretty straight forward “click & pick”. You can also create new and edit the existing. If you happen to delete the default it will automatically create a new one upon closing (kind of like a “Reset”)

javaw 2015-08-10 23-39-31-798


Since a profile is really just a “nice to have” we don’t go too wild. No password, but do let you choose a name and avatar (icon).

For now I’ve just made a bunch of colored squares, but we can make them anything we want later.

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